About Us

Our Mission

E'rootha, the Chaldean Assyrian Syriac Youth Union, through cultural awareness, community service and education, is dedicated to promoting the well-being of our community for the betterment of society.

Our Vision

To inspire a cultural awakening within the youth of the Chaldean, Assyrian and Syriac diaspora and preserve our identity for generations to come.

Our Values
  • Youth Leadership - To foster an environment for youths that develops high-potential talent and opportunities for continuous professional development and personal growth
  • Community Service- To maintain an unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of the communities we serve through volunteerism and charity
  • Innovation- To shape our future by capitalizing on change and leveraging our collective genius
  • Cultural Passion- To use our drive and enthusiasm by engaging and inspiring others to preserve our culture
  • Teamwork - To work together by promoting and supporting relationships that share a unified purpose to meet common goals

Our History

E’rootha, the Chaldean Assyrian Syriac Youth Union, a domestic non-profit corporation, was founded on July 16th, 2008. Amid a great deal of controversy, a group of like-minded youth leaders, in an effort to promote peace and unity within a struggling community, met in confidentiality to build a new organization. It was then that they formed The Youth Declaration for Cultural Unity.

If any of you ever wonder, how did such a large civilization just fall, the answer is that we've been divided and conquered in the past. This is one of the smarter things to ever come out of our community.

Christopher Ramis Sesi from Michigan

This momentous declaration was accepted by most people in the Chaldean, Assyrian and Syriac communities who recognized our cultural likeness. E’rootha’s efforts are towards the promotion of our culture through many educational and enrichment programs currently based in metro-Detroit, Michigan. E’rootha strives to rebuild an ancient empire in the hearts and minds of our people. Through all of the cultural aspects of language, education, food, dance, and family values, we can preserve our legacy and give meaning to our roots once again. E’rootha is steadily growing and expanding its programs, for which all information can be found within our website. Membership in E’rootha is limited to persons between the age of 16 years old and 35 years old for the sole reason of upholding the youth ‘spirit’ of the organization. Although, anyone of any age is welcome and encouraged to participate in any of E’rootha’s events, volunteer opportunities and sponsorship opportunities. Also, everyone can show their support for unification by signing the petition for cultural unity by by clicking here.