Youth Refugee Mentoring Program

Looking for an instantly rewarding volunteer experience? For the past 7 years, E'rootha has made it possible for you to make a truly generous contribution to your community no matter how tight you are on cash. As a mentor for E'rootha's Youth Refugee Mentoring Program, you will tutor your mentee with homework assignments in a "Big Brother/Big Sister" one-on-one style. All mentors attend a comprehensive training session before the program begins, where they are given an understanding of possible social conditions that the students are living under so that they can be prepared to handle discussions about family issues, common behavioral issues, bullying and other acclimation difficulties. Most middle-school refugees in E'rootha's program begin reading at elementary reading levels as many have experienced years of interrupted schooling.

Volunteer Requirements:
  • Fill out the volunteer application
  • Attend a MANDATORY training session (bring valid ID)
  • Provide personal transportation
  • Must commit to the program from January through June
  • Must complete a background check (provided during orientation training)

If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, please complete and submit the YRMP Volunteer Application.

I love that these kids remind us of our culture and where we really came from. They all have stories and it's fun to see the way they interact with each other. I liked that I got close with the girls and they felt comfortable enough to tell me and ask me things. I just hope in the end I made a good impression on them, and hopefully be someone they can look up to.

Shahad Jajo, Youth Refugee Mentoring Program Mentor

Youth Refugee Picture

It was really nice to know that these young girls really looked up to me and admired my accomplishments. I really felt like I motivated them to do the right things and gave them a good outlook for their futures. They really liked having an older girlfriend to talk to and get advice from. It was rewarding knowing that I was able to build that relationship with them.

Bianca Yaldo, Youth Refugee Mentoring Program Mentor

2016 Volunteer Openings





Jeannette Junior High School
Sterling Heights, MI
3:00pm - 4:15pm