Our Logo

E'rootha's logo was envisioned by Wisam Naoum, one of the organization's co-founders, and executed by graphic designer Alvin Saywa. The dark blue represents Lapis Lazuli, which was the prized and precious blue stone mined in Afghanistan and used by Babylonian and Assyrian kings in their palaces and monuments. This use is most prominently seen in the Gate of Ishtar. The gold represents the Babylonian and Assyrian kings' constant use of the precious metal. The winged man is a modern representation of Ashur, the chief Assyrian deity in antiquity, as it is one of the most dominant symbols in Assyrian culture. The two wavy lines going through Ashur represent the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the life-blood of Mesopotamian civilization, and are duplicated as they are in the Assyrian flag. The two stars represent the Star of Ishtar, the symbol of an important goddess and prominently used in Assyrian and Babylonian culture. The Eastern Aramaic script reads "E'rootha," which is translated to mean "awakening." E'rootha was chosen as the name of the organization to represent the revitalization of Assyrian culture and community efforts in the diaspora, specifically, the Chaldean Catholic Assyrian community of metro-Detroit.